General Rules ingame & others

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General Rules ingame & others

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:56 pm

General Rules

The Rules for the Recruiting Process

  • If you are taking a tryout, an Head admin Moderator or Form Owner must supervise.
    Head admins, Clansmen, and Forum Owners have the Permission to Do tryouts. Other members can rate and comment.

  • In the Recruitment process, the test should consist of a 1 on 1 match. The Dirty Clan members that are spectating must evaluate the recruit based upon skill, intelligence, and other acknowledgable traits either meritable or unskilled.

  • During a tryout, there will be no off topic chatter. All chat will be restricted to an Xfire Chatroom.


  • Technical Glitching is prohibited by Dirty

  • Climbing and traversing on high places to reach special places of advantage are allowed.

Dealing with Rule Breakers.

  • When a player breaks rules, people who have been ordained with the power of Rcon must only lay the consequences on the criminal who committed the crime.

  • If the player returns questioning why he was kicked, you must tell him the exact reason. If he breaks this rule again, you should kick him once more.

  • If the player returns again and still refuses to listen, either temporarily ban the player or permanently ban him depending on the given situation.

Competitive Games

  • Normal Members of Dirty lack the power to call a Scrimmage or a Clanwar. They must send the request up to an Forum Owner, Clansmen Admin or Head admin to arrange the game.

Ingame Rules

  • You will not spam, nor say any self-degrading jokes in chat. You will be mature, like an 'Dirty member should be

  • Because you are part of 'Dirty you must strive to create a mature and charismatic reputation for the clan.

  • Always keep your tags on in your Clan Server

Important rules:

  • If you are a member of the community, you may wear 'Dirty. Tags on the site only . However, you may NOT wear the tags in the game.

  • If you are caught wearing tags in the game and you are not a member of the *CLAN* you will be removed from the community and banned from the server.

  • You may make an appeal and attempt to gain a second chance. However, if you are caught again, you will become ineligible for appeals.

  • Providing information to other clans about our tactical insights will be considered an act of treason and will result in removal from 'Dirty

  • Members must respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Members will not swear ingame. In addition, excessive swearing in TS is not permitted. Members will show dignity and honor ingame. Any insult towards a member, the team, another member, or the entire clan will be left ignored. We will not stoop stop down to a level as low as them.

  • Members will always keep a sportsman like behavior ingame.

  • Recruiting in other clan's servers is strictly prohibited.

Keep in mind that a clan member is not perceived as an individual, but as a representative of a greater group. A single member's conduct could provide the impression of an entire clan. Don't forget, you're wearing that tag, so grasp your self control.

Respect between 'Dirty Members

  • Every 'Dirty member must get along. I will not tolerate grudges between 'Dirty. members, If someone creates a problem, he or she will be removed from the clan.

  • If, by a unique situation, the debate cannot be settled by force, do not argue in the server. Take the situation to the forums.

Be active, or you will receive consequences.

  • You must check the site 3 times a week and post a reply/topic once a week. However, this is the minimum, and more activity is preferred.

  • Always check for updates.

  • If you are gone for a prolongued time, you will be issued a ABBSENTY and Put in a group


  • Quotes such as "You suck, fag." or "Pwnt you noob." is looked down upon, and is not acceptable in 'Dirty

  • Excessive bragging about Ratios is not allowed. Modesty is a must.

Accusing of hacks/ proof

  • if You get accuse of hacking in the server - Just reply to the accuser saying " Do u have any Visual proof to backup your accusation or its just you lack some Cod Skillz" or just say "lol", or ignore it
    If you see a Hacker in the server - Dont start Accusing People on the server for hacks.
    Make sure when u accuse any one - you should have 100% proof - to backup your Accusation.
    You can get that proof by GUID,VIDEO RECORDING, PB SS

These Rules must be followed and should not be broken under any circumstances.

Reporting methods/If you have a Problem with another Member

  • If you have any problems or issues with other 'Dirty members. You can Contact the Forum owner/Head admin/Clansmen admin
    you should use xfire or Pm function on the website to communicate with the admins/founders. You Should not take names in game battle saying " i am getting momo" . (you know who is this targeted to). DONT DO THAT !. get on xfire or complaint it via PM.

All The Best,
-Team Dirty


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