Wazzza, Vivazeh here .

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Wazzza, Vivazeh here .

Post by #sG. Vivaz on Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:55 pm

Wazzaup ma bros? Vivaz here !

I am a part of the clan #sG. as you all may know .

And I fuckin love #sG. (and momo) scratch

If i join The Dirty clan my name will be 'dC - hummeL .

And if i join, i will have no less than three in-game names : #sG. Vivaz, [<3] . s!errA and 'dC - hummeL .

[<3] is #sG. Apple'Z clan, the LOVE clan. We spread love over CoD4 afro

My xFire is : iamflowin. That was my first in-game name, that's why some of my oldest friends, like Seek4!, calls me Flow.

But you can call me whatever u want, except for homo, gay, fag, queer and noob. Wink

My real name is Björn Carlshamre and why do i have dots over that o ?

Its because of that i live in Sweden, you know the country with all those hot chicks. Lol . Very Happy

I play Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 and some Tetris.

Tetris is for Pr0z0rz btw.

If you want my Facebook, just xfire me and ill tell ya Very Happy

Bye Bye

~ #sG. Vivaz .
#sG. Vivaz

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