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::How tryouts work::

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:48 pm

Like a Star @ heaven What maps to play:

Things to note:
1) Make sure all the people who are participating in the tryout are members of the clan. You cannot take community members into the Tryouts

2) An Clansmenadmin/Forum owner/Head admin must be present when doing a Tryout for a Recruit or Applicant.

2) Must be a 1 vs 1 match unless stated otherwise.

3) Every time a tryout takes place, an Clansmenadmin/Forum owner/Head adminr will set up an xfire Chat room and invite all the 'Dirty members who are spectating in the tryout into the chat room.

4) Conversing about the Recruit's skills or impairments ingame is not permitted and should be done in the xfire chat room. Feedback/concerns/opinions will be spoken in the xfire chatroom and the chatroom only.

5) Releasing tips to the applicant is allowed in the ingame chat.

6) Hateful comments or negative feedback in the ingame chat will result in severe consequence. This should all remain in the xfire chat room. Use it to portray all your concerns. This rule is null when the negative feedback is backed by proper evidence and is stated as a plain fact.

7) Don't spam the ingame chat with stupid binds. In addition, don't spam the xfire chat room. Try to keep your mindset centered on the tryout. If you're high or something, atleast pretend, eh?

  • In order to properly observe the full potential of a new recruit, we must watch their playing methods on 2 different types of maps.

  • These types will be: Long Range and Short Range.

  • Crash, Crossfire, Showdown, Shipment.

Like a Star @ heaven Rules for members:

  • Prior to starting a tryout, there will be a new Xfire ChatRoom.

  • All members attending a tryout must be in this chatroom.

  • Comments will be restricted to this chatroom.

  • Members may NOT speak in the server.

  • There will be no distractions, or binds/spamming.

  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in a suspension from the next 3 tryouts.

Like a Star @ heaven Gametype rules:

  • Crossfire will be S&D.

  • Crash will be TDM.

  • Showdown will be S&D.

  • Shipment will be TDM.

  • Time limit for each map will be 15.

Like a Star @ heaven Weapon Restrictions:

  • There will be no use of last stand.

  • There will be no use of martyrdom.

  • There will be no use of M203 Grenade Launchers.

Like a Star @ heaven How Ratings Work:
After you have done the Tryout every Dirty clansmen participating in the tryout and need to Rate According to the Rating Standard
Which are here

~team Dirty


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