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'Dirty Community / Clan

Post by 'dC - DreAmZz on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:58 pm

'Dirty is a Community as well as clan.

'Dirty Community.

Dirty Community is an awesome Community, you can discuss anything on the boards. We are looking forward to meet you

You can be Apart of Community

Things to Note:
  • You will not be Put up in any time of Game Roster or Scrims or given Powers on the server

  • Your not allowed to put tags ingame since your not a clansmen.

  • You can apply For Community Ranks but Cannot apply for Call of Duty4 ranks

Apply Here for Community

'Dirty Clan

Since the main Target of the Dirty as a Community was to unite Clans, it will be involved in gaming aswell. So we are Recruiting

Things to Note:
  • Your not entitled to get Community Ranks

  • Power will be issues only on gaming tab Depending on which game

Click here to Become Clansmen

*Please remember: Being accepted to the community is NOT the same as being accepted as a clansmen.*
*Being in a Community and being in a Dirty Clan are two different things
*Clansmen Tags on Forums are C'|Dirty. (name).
*Community members Forums tags are 'Dirty.

However tags for clansmen ingame are 'Dirty(name)

~Dirty Team
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