fast weapon switch

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fast weapon switch

Post by ChaosTheory on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:58 am

i know a lot of you already do this (if you dont, start!) but you may not be using it to its full potential.

It is not just used to rapid fire the bolt action snipers (although it does work well for that), if used at the right time if can make you scope in much much faster.

It is also used for other guns, if used before you start shooting an auto gun the first few bullets will fire much quicker (you may not be able to tell, i usually cant) and be much more accurate.

You can also reload quicker with it. If (in softcore) you watch your clip in the lower right while reloading you will notice that on a lot of guns the bullets appear before the animation of your cod4 guy reloading is finished. you can cancel the rest of the reload by sprinting or other methods, but the qws is the easiest. it will also make some guns silent, if you time it correctly you can cut off the click on the ak74u, this is most useful in promod in high level games against people who can actually hear this.

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