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Post by S_M_G__M_E on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:27 pm

1) Your name:
Aaron Bayley
2) Your Nick Name/Alias:
S_M_G__M_E (But will most probably change my name to BaYLeZz if I join the clan)

3) Contact
-| Msn:
-| xfire azah123
-| Yahoo
-| Steam
Any other Means of Contact please Provide

4) What Games do you play
I play a various amount of games and I've been brought up on gaming and music to be honest, (NO IM NOT A NERD -.-)
I have a ps3, xbox 360, and Wii and I play a large range of games, mainly shooter games, the call of duty series being my best Smile

5) Any Computer Skills
Nope not really only moderate editing and also music production if that counts?

6) How did you Find This Community:
Dirty Promod server on call of duty 4 V1.0

Thanks for reading,

Browser :

Your Country :

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